The brand SKAJ'S® was found in Italy in 1948 when, from an American recipe was created the first vegetable broth and condiment. First this product was sold exclusively to public corporations and communities, later it was supplied to chemist’s as well.
Through the establishment of the factory, the company invested in new, more effective and more efficient production technologies in order to increase the product range, always focusing the main target: to create healthy flavor solutions for its customers.
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ISO 9001:2008 certification is an important goal achieved by our company to reassure our customers regarding food safety.
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Flavour and well-being at the table: that is our slogan. For us this means precision when selecting the raw materials and during the productive process.
Our products want to provide you with the security of quality and a guarantee that you will serve the flavours of good cooking at your table.

Line "Pronto Sapore"

Organic vegetable broth New recipe gluten free
Vegetable (glutamate free)
Classic flavour - Beef
Classic flavour - Beef (glutamate free)
Chicken (glutamate free)
Fish and shellfish stock
Porcini mushrooms
Brown stock
White roux

Line "Pronto Subito"

Cous cous with vegetable stock
Ready breading (with egg)
Some suggestions to use our products for broth and condiment preparations in quick recipes.
  • Chicken barley soup
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  • Chickpea soup with leaks and bacon
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  • Exquisite tartlets
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  • Monkfish with three flavours
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  • Savoury baked potatoes
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  • Rabbit with mustard and thyme
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