Exquisite tartlets

Ingredients for 4 people

Frozen shortcrust pastry gr 150
Emmental gr 150
Skaj’s with porcini mushrooms
Cooked ham gr 60
Skaj’s white roux
Milk ½ litre
Butter, pepper


Thaw the pastry, then line 12 well greased moulds.
Dissolve two teaspoons of Skaj’s with porcini mushrooms in a bit of boiling water and let the mushrooms soften for a few minutes. Add some ground pepper. Cut the ham and cheese into cubes and mix them together with the mushroom preparation, sautéing the mixture for a few minutes in a pan with a knob of butter. Heat the milk separately, adding Skaj’s white roux (approx. 50 gr), which will instantaneously make the béchamel. Add the mushrooms, ham and cheese. Divide the preparation between the tartlets. Place them in a 180°oven and bake for approx. 20 minutes. Let cool, then remove them from the moulds and serve right away.


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